Company     History
Jul. 2000 Certifield ISO9001 - IIC(International Industrial Certification)

Mar. 1998 Certified good quality mark(GQ mark) - SMBA(Small and Medium Business Administration)
Oct. 1996 Approved as a qualified repair company by KEPCO

Oct. 1995 Registered as an official vender designated by POSCO(the former Pohang Works)

Aug. 1995 Approved the type of parts for lift(hydraulic cylinder) - Korea Industry Promotion Corporation

Aug. 1995 QA company(Q mark) - Korea Machinery Meter and Petrochemical Testing and Research Institute
Jul. 1995 Selected as a promising small & medium company - Hanil Bank
Aug. 1994 (Plottage : 910pyeongs, Li. space : 1170pyeongs)

Oct. 1993 Planned to move a factory site(Namdong Ind. Complex, Incheon)
Completed the factory in Namdong Ind. Complex, Incheon and moved to the factory

Oct. 1991 Approved the registration of lift manufacturing as No. 1 from Korea Industru Promotion Corporation

Jul. 1991 Incorporated into Keon Young Machinery Co., Ltd
Park Nam-sik, took up the CEO.
Aug. 1989 Expanded and moved to 91-3 Sindorim-dong, Guro-gu
May. 1985 Expanded and moved to Guro-dong, Guro-gu
Aug. 1981 Expanded and moved to Mullae-dong, Guro-gu
Oct. 1976 Established Keon Young Machinery Company by Park Nam-sik